Organic cotton
  • Ann’s Flowers White on Marl
  • Godwits fabric
  • Olearia Fog
  • Blockprint Persimmon
  • Bracken Tumeric
  • Daisies Black
  • Double Gingko: Deep Red & Stone
  • Birch Mustard
  • Grevillea greylead & Mustard
  • Silver Gum Eucalyptus & Moss
  • Ann’s Flowers Black on Marl
  • Goodness lime
  • Possibility jade

Organic cotton is preferable to conventional cotton, due to the way it is grown. Conventional cotton is grown with large amounts of petrochemicals of which some pesticide chemicals are so harmful a singular drop to the skin can kill a worker.

Organic cotton is naturally much softer than conventional, so is wonderful close to the skin for bedding, but can also be used for cushions, lampshades, and bedheads.

It is often blended with Hemp to soften hemp and give cotton a bit more strength, suitable for lighter weight upholstery use.

To view the full range of organic fabric available, please go to our sister site, Vida Textiles, or contact us to view samples in our studio.