• Grey Blue Organic Cushions
  • Hand printed Linen cushions
  • organic cushions
  • Wool cushion inserts

All Verdant cushions made from plant based fabrics like hemp, cotton and linen have been pre-washed to shrink them before making them up. This way you can avoid any dry-cleaning which uses harmful chemicals. There is nothing wrong with good old eco soap and water.

Normally natural fibre cushions are not pre-shrunk, which means if you do happen to wet wash them you run the risk of getting a shrunken deformed cushion, and of course you don't want that. Here at Verdant it is all about choosing things that cause the least harm to the environment. If it means our hands get wet washing some fabric so you get cushions that you can look after (not the dry-cleaner) then so be it.

We make all the cushion covers to order in the Verdant studio.  We also have a range of cushions already made up. For the latest offerings go to the Cushions in Stock page.

Cushion inners

Here at Verdant we don't go to the trouble of choosing ecological and organic fabrics to then go and fill the cushions with synthetic polyester dacron.  So our inners are filled with either feather or wool.  Our wool ones are made right here in the studio with an organic cotton casing.  Prices start from just $18