Colour Consultation

If you don’t know where to start with your renovations or redecorating, or just need help choosing carpet and a paint colour, Verdant can help with an in-home consultation service.

We can help you choose your carpet colour to ensure it works with the rest of your furnishings, and ensure it is the best environmentally friendly available. We will also steer you in the right direction for which local showrooms to use, and who have the best installers.

We can also help you choose paint colours and can work up a colour scheme. We recommend Natural and Eco paints, stains & oils where appropriate, as we have used them ourselves.

If you have all the basics in place and need some accessorising we can also help put you on track to adding some personality into your home.  We believe in slowly creating the home’s character and letting it evolve over time, as our personalities grow over time.

Kevin McLeod said in his book Principles of home; ‘the most interesting homes are those …… that reflect the people who live there’.