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Hemp is also another one of nature's wonder fibres. Like wool it cleans the air and absorbs Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  It also absorbs and releases moisture as needed.  Forget about the harsh rough trousers from the 70s. Hemp is much more refined these days. Blended with other fibres like silk and cotton it creates…

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is preferable to conventional cotton, due to the way it is grown. Conventional cotton is grown with large amounts of petrochemicals of which some pesticide chemicals are so harmful a singular drop to the skin can kill a worker. Organic cotton is naturally much softer than conventional, so is wonderful close to the…

Organic Fabrics

A selection of organic fabrics in a bedspread; Hemp & Silk all naturale Bedhead; furniture made from NZ sustainably grown Beech. To view the full range of organic fabric available, please go to our sister site, Vida Textiles, or contact us to view samples in our studio.