Q? Can you recover my lampshade?

A. For fabric stretched over a frame, such as pleated shades and Victorian style shades, yes we can recover these. For other lampshades, such as drum tapered, due to the labour involved in stripping and cleaning up the frame, it works out cheaper to get a whole new one made.
If you wanted to strip it yourself or you are happy to pay extra we can re-use it for you

Q? My chair is falling apart, can you fix it?

A. Yes as part of the upholstery process, we will assess your sofa or chair, to determine if any structural adjustments need to be made, or if it needs new padding or foam. We will try to determine how much work is involved at the first visit,
However, be aware that sometimes we can not see what needs adjusting or adding until we have stripped the old upholstery off. We will always contact you to discuss things before we go ahead with any work that may be additional to what we quoted.

Q? Can I visit you?

A. Yes you are most welcome to come and visit the studio in Brooklyn. Please do make an appointment beforehand.

Q? Can I wash my curtains?

A. Yes, most of the fabrics we use in our curtains, can be washed. We do not believe in dry-cleaning, as it is adding yet another chemical into your home.
For best results we recommend a professional wet washing of curtains. This may shrink some of the fabrics, but we allow extra in the hems so they can be re-adjusted.
If necessary you can wash the curtains yourself, but it can be a cumbersome heavy job, with lots of ironing required afterwards.

Q? My curtains are mouldy do I have to get whole new ones?

A. Not necessarily. It will depend on the state of the curtains and how old they are.
If your curtains have a separate lining, it is possible to replace just the lining. It is recommended that if the curtains are a thermal lining then this is replaced with the washable lining. This can be made detachable so you can wash the lining yourself.
If your curtains and lining aren't that old and still in good condition, it may be possible to wash the thermal lining, but this needs to be done by a professional.

Q? Can I use my own fabric?

A. Yes we are happy to use fabric you provide for curtains, soft furnishings and upholstery. We will first have to see the fabric to see if it is suitable and if there is enough for your project. Consultation fees will apply for all home visits to measure for curtains and blinds, and to assess furniture.

Q? What are your fees?

A. For curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings we do not charge fees if you are using our fabrics. For services such as paint colours, furniture consultations and room layouts, fees start from $50 per hour for studio work ad $85 per hour for in-home consultations.

Q? How much does it cost for a consultation?

A. An initial first visit is free within the Wellington region. We will of course ask plenty of questions before we come out to ensure we bring the right things with us, and determine expectations

Q? How much do custom curtains cost to make?

A. Custom made curtains and blinds can cost anything from $400 per window up to $5000. This is completely dependent on what you require, the size of your window requires and your budget. For further info, check out the How we work page.