The Godwits lampshade

This beautiful fabric was created by Anthea Grob.  She travelled up the Kapiti Coast and studied the amazing Godwits bird.  She did drawings and took photographs and then took it all home, scanned it all into her computer and re coloured and created a stunning sandy tweedy background.

Godwits have the longest flying record of any bird in the world, and have been tracked to fly non-stop for 8 days, from one of their summer homes in Miranda (in the Coromandel) to the Yellow sea.

We have used this fabric in many things such as lampshades, cushions, draught stops and on chairs. The colours co-ordinate well with lots of different colours, and the style works well in many different homes.  It always looks fabulous.

Cushions and lampshades are readily available in this fabric.  So let us know if you would like.

We also have a gallery of other lampshades we have created.